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Jim Beam Bourbon and Kid Rock

are partnering for a first-of-its-kind campaign alongside Atlantic Records, offering fans exclusive downloads of Kid Rock’s music.  These downloads, available via tear pad or on special edition gift cartons of Jim Beam and Red Stag, mark the first time a spirits brand and major record label have worked together to distribute new music via a non-traditional retail channel on a massive scale.  Consumers can check out the gift cartons at retailers to learn how they can download Kid Rock’s new song “Times Like These” and a limited collection of Kid Rock’s greatest hits performed live from his hometown of Detroit.  Jim Beam and Kid Rock will also continue their commitment to service members by encouraging fans to join them in supporting the nonprofit organization Operation Homefront.  Each special edition carton of Jim Beam and Red Stag will be marked with instructions on how to donate $5 to Operation Homefront by texting SALUTE to 9O999.  For more information go to

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