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Massachusetts Beverage Business



is running a new ad campaign: Would You Have a Drink with You?  The effort will feature multiple celebrities – launching with playboy magnate Hugh M. Hefner.  The first ads are set in the legendary Playboy Mansion and feature Hefner seated at a bar having a drink with himself via split screen, revealing a few things the average consumer may not necessarily be able to discover via a Wikipedia bio.  The tag line is: “The most original people deserve the most original vodka.  Stoli.  Lead On.”  Print ads featuring Hefner are running in July 2O1O publications.  Stoli will also release a limited edition bottle of Stoli Ohranj featuring the iconic Playboy bunny logo that will be available beginning in October.  Stoli print ads and online banners for their flavored vodka portfolio urge consumers to “Live a life of flavor.  Stoli.  Lead On.”

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