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has brought back its adventure campaign: “Hide a Case”, which ran from 1967 to 1991. It was one of the longest running promotions in spirits’ history.  During that time, 25 cases of Canadian Club were hidden around the world, in remote locales from Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Great Barrier Reef.  The resurrection will utilize online challenges, a video competition and a live treasure hunt.  Consumers will search for the first clues to find one of the original missing cases hidden.  In addition to the online and social media program, Canadian Club will have online and out-of-home advertising and grassroots activation.  Participants, who are of legal purchase age, can register online though July 7 at to vie for one of the eight spots on the expedition.  The website will feature the first of six weekly challenges where participants will use their creativity, brain power and speed to win points and discern clues as they try to advance through round one.  Those who receive 5O or more points move on to round two where they will post a video online illustrating why they should join the expedition.  In July, the top 3O videos will be put before a panel of judges and an online vote to help narrow the playing field down to four Canadians and four Americans.  In April 2O11, these eight participants will head off to parts unknown and will compete against each other in a series of scavenger hunt and trivia challenges designed to uncover the location of one of the elusive hidden cases of Canadian Club Whisky and win the $1OO,OOO prize.  To date, 16 of the hidden cases have been discovered.

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