Massachusetts Beverage Business



is running the “League of the Most Interesting” summer program.  Elements of the effort include in-store incentives, instant rewards, social media marketing, and live events.  At retail there will be League of the Most Interesting displays and POS materials along with special MIR and IRC offers on “energy enhancing” foods for league training (energy drinks, bars, nuts, etc).  In addition, brand ambassadors will be on hand in select locations to sample Dos Equis with adult shoppers and issue the first challenge from “The Most Interesting Man”.  The journey, guided by the Most Interesting Man in the World, encourages adult consumers to discover how they can participate in the promotion via collectable in-pack challenge inserts found in Dos Equis Lager Especial and Ambar 12-packs.  There are seven different inserts in all, each one providing participants with league points to put toward rewards.  Finally, the contenders that accrue enough points earn a chance to be selected for the grand reward: a trip to participate in a final Dos Equis league challenge in Mexico.  On-premise will feature thematic POS including table tents, coasters and posters.  Brand Ambassadors will be on hand to offer samples of Dos Equis while engaging customers with challenges and encouraging them to compete with friends.  Those who come out on top at each table will be rewarded with the official League of the Most Interesting patch.  Consumers will also receive recruitment cards (with a link to the League’s digital hub) encouraging them to participate in the national promotion, earn points to be inducted into the League of the Most Interesting and ultimately qualify for the Dos Equis grand reward challenge.

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