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has launched the second film from its global “Open Your World” campaign, called “The Date”.  The film premiered on Heineken’s YouTube channel and Facebook page and follows the Clio award-winning film “The Entrance”, which launched in December.  Directed by Fredrik Bond, the film is a high-energy story following the Heineken Legend as he woos his date on an epic journey, a tribute to all magical dates and legendary night-outs.  Shot on location in London, the atmosphere is complemented by the musical score featuring the 196Os Bollywood track “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”.  The film also sees the introduction of a new Heineken Legend.  In addition to the film, the new campaign will see the release of additional supporting material, including a tongue-in-cheek “Legendary Making of” and a music video for “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”.  The films can be viewed at and

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