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Heineken Light

Heineken Light has launched a holistic summer marketing effort with new ads under its “Be a Man of the World” platform.  The campaign highlights “Occasionally Perfect” experiences that people have, emphasizing the notion that while every occasion is not right for Heineken Light, the beer is a perfect fit for those situations that call for something a little more special and upscale.  The integrated campaign was developed in alignment with the Heineken Lager “Legends” ad series.  The first spot, “Snakeskin Jacket”, follows the Man of the World character as he encounters everyday situations where his snakeskin jacket may not be the most appropriate and goes completely unappreciated, such as playing golf or sitting at a boardroom meeting.  His confidence and social prowess shine through, however, when he finds himself among a unique and eclectic crowd at a secret offshore charity snake-fighting event.  The Man of the World celebrates the moment with a Heineken Light.  “Snakeskin Jacket” will be supported by an additional spot, “Moustache”.  The films can also be viewed on Heineken’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

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