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Charles Krug Winery

The Peter Mondavi Sr. Family in conjunction with the 15Oth anniversary of Napa
Valley’s first winery, has launched a search for the oldest Charles Krug Winery bottle in
existence. Founded in 1861, Charles Krug Winery is the birthplace of the Napa Valley wine
industry and has been in the Peter Mondavi Family for nearly 7O of its 15O years. People are
encouraged to search through their wine cabinets, cellars, closets, and caves for Charles Krug
wine bottles, empty or full, dating either from pre-Prohibition or the Peter Mondavi Family
era which began with the 1944 vintage. Bottles deemed contenders will be authenticated by
experts in the wine department of Sotheby’s auction house in New York. The Peter Mondavi
Family may purchase the winning bottle for display at the winery. Plans are for an exhibit of
historic artifacts from Charles Krug Winery, which will include a 9OOO gallon vintage redwood
fermentation tank and Charles Krug’s original basket press. The estate’s Redwood Cellar
will house the exhibit. On the National Register of Historic Places and a California Historic
Landmark, the Redwood Cellar was restored recently to hold the Peter Mondavi Family’s
reserve barrel aging room. The Cellar will eventually house the winery’s new tasting room and
visitor’s center. To submit an entry, visit Charles Krug on Facebook, describe the bottle and
post a photo, or email it to by December 31. Contenders will
be contacted with next steps.

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