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Dry Chenin Blanc From South Africa

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - As a dyed-in-the-wool Chenin Blanc fanatic who has been preaching its gospel faithfully over the past five years, it’s wonderful to follow the emergence of the grape from its previous incarnation as an over cropped workhorse, to today’s star performer, in the vineyards of South Africa.  Chenin’s versatility, and its transparency in reflecting terroir, are legendary attributes.  Depending on local conditions and winemakers’ preferences, this means that there are styles to fit almost every palate: [...] Read More »

A Drink With . . . Ben Sandrof

Article by: Brandy Rand - Ben SandrofNortheast Sales Manager, St-Germain (Cooper Spirits)BEN SANDROF is someone who knows the world of wine and spirits from all sides of the business.  From crafting the perfect cocktail to attending sales meetings, he’s represented brands from behind the bar as well as out in front, working as both a distributor and now a supplier.  He still maintains the easygoing charm of a seasoned hospitality expert, a trait usually lost in transition from on-premise [...] Read More »


Article by: Lew Bryson - “You ever been up to see Bob Ryan, taste his whiskey?” Jeremy Goldberg and I were sharing a couple pints at his Cape Ann Brewery one beautiful Gloucester morning last year, talking about how the town was developing and sustaining local businesses. I didn’t even know there was a distillery in town, let alone that it was making whiskey. Goldberg was pretty insistent that this was something I had to go see. So I got [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - Who doesn’t love a whimsically named Tiki drink served from a skull or ceramic highball resembling a totem pole?  Invented in the ’7Os somewhere in the West Indies, a tiny bar accessible only by boat was mixing up a cocktail with a high-test brand of Navy rum called Pusser’s that was particularly popular with sailors, dubbed the Painkiller. The Painkiller was created by a British gal named Daphne Henderson who owned the Soggy [...] Read More »

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