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Massachusetts Beverage Business

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Champagne 2013

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - ALTHOUGH THE ECONOMY is not exactly in partying mode like it’s 2OO7, you’d never know it by the recent fortunes of Champagne in the US.  Demand for the finest prestige cuvées is high and prices are through the roof.  Despite gloomy economic forecasts and a slight decline in overall volume, Champagne sales in dollars increased in 2O12 and the trend continued for the first part of 2O13.  Leaving aside Europe’s dismal performance, this is the [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US, and for the ladies of LUPEC, you know what that means: pop open the bubbly – we’re making Champagne cocktails!  The Champagne Cocktail, The Seelbach and the French 75 have already been discussed in previous festive editions.  This season, we’re looking to a modern classic to get us through the many parties and events on the docket, featuring a classic ingredient which has been “em-pinkening” cocktails since before Prohibition: grenadine! [...] Read More »


Article by: Fred Bouchard - PROFILE: CYNTHIA HURLEY FRENCH WINESBOB 65 + MARGOT 29 HURLEYCo-ownersCynthia Hurley French Wines MA and NJ Independent boutique importers have been few in Massachusetts, but their ranks are gradually growing.  One such established team is the Hurley family running Cynthia Hurley French Wines since 1984.  Cynthia and Bob Hurley’s move to Paris for business soon engendered a love of French culture, and Cynthia decided on an exclusively French [...] Read More »

VINSKI OD HRVATSKA Wine from Croatia

Article by: Harvey Finkel - KNEEVI VINOGRADI, Croatia I try never to waste an opportunity to experience unfamiliar wine, especially in a municipality called “prince’s vineyard”.  I found there’s more to drinking in southeastern Europe than Slivovitz, plum’s leap to immortality.Croatia (Republika Hrvatska to the 4.5 million inhabitants), an area about twice that of Massachusetts, in the northwest corner of the Balkans, is a crescent draped over Bosnia.  Unlike states farther east, it is predominantly Roman Catholic and [...] Read More »

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