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Desert Wine

Article by: Fred Bouchard - That's right, readers: thirsty devouts planted the first vineyards in New Mexico - possibly in the new world - in Socorro, New Mexico in 162O! These friars came from New Spain (now Mexico) with the first [...] Read More »

Hot Stuff

Article by: Maia Merrill - What do Mojitos, Cosmopolitans, Yellow Tail, and Pinot Noir all have in common? Besides being alcohol beverages, they are examples of drinks that went from being merely popular to virtually defining the cocktail culture of this [...] Read More »

It's A Miracle!

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Here is a wine full of flavor and elegance, intense, focused, long in both finish and life span, evoking fruits, flowers, even minerals, yet amazingly transparent and ethereally light. No other wine possesses this combination of [...] Read More »

Put It Where?

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - A large part of the attraction wine holds appears to be the fact that it offers great potential for discovering exciting new taste experiences. Whereas the amazing diversity of products [...] Read More »

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