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Divas Uncorked

Article by: Fred Bouchard - I'm having a pleasant tete-à-tete luncheon with Karen Holmes Ward in the popular Kenmore Square "ristro" Le Petit Robert, with some personal attention from chef Luc Le Gillec. We're talking about Divas Uncorked, the women's wine [...] Read More »

Alcohol Diagnosed

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - A mountain of evidence based upon sound medical science indicates that abstinence can be considered a health risk, that heavy drinking dangerously damages health and shortens life, and [...] Read More »

Nebbiolo Outed

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - Recipe for a Madman's Winter Repast Select a winter evening so cold that your sneezes turn into snowflakes. [...] Read More »

Wine 2005 Examined

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - The Year in ReviewTrends & Projections The mood in the industry, fueled by growing consumer excitement, is upbeat. Having successfully weathered a number [...] Read More »

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