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2007 Was Another Solid Year for the Beer Industry

Article by: Andy Crouch - While the biggest players spent a great deal of time transitioning their businesses, imports and craft beers continued to benefit from the trading-up pattern and change in American drinking palates. Building upon trends from the previous five years, 2OO7 showed strong signs that the better beer market remains strong and will dominate the strategies of breweries, wholesalers and importers for the foreseeable future.BY THE NUMBERSVolume growth for the United [...] Read More »

Jacob Writh Restaurant

Article by: Aimsel Ponti - Rich mahogany stretch of bar, Scatter of sawdust on the floor, Waiter, who asks you how you are- Happier man than you were before. You entered the old familiar door. Enisled at last! Disaster, strife? The world is still as it was of yore: A seidel of dark on the side of life. This passage, from the poem “The Ballad of Jake Wirth” [...] Read More »

M.S. Walker 75th Anniversary Special

Article by: Robert Bradford - Photography by David BinderIn the midst of this present topsy-turvy era of dramatic change and massive business consolidations that keep escalating in beverage alcohol wholesaler markets all across America, the venerable, family-owned, Somerville-based distributorship and rectifying operation of M.S. Walker is something of an anomaly. Now beginning its 75th year of continuous service, the Walker enterprise takes on more and more significance as an uncompromising model of on-going wholesaler independence, anchored by an extraordinarily [...] Read More »

Muscadel de Sever

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - It is among the most underappreciated wines on the market. In a world where wines are starting to taste more and more alike regardless of origin, it’s certainly unique. If you appreciate the style, which I happen to, there’s nowhere else other than the Pays Nantais on the cool western end of the Loire Valley where you can possibly find it: crisp, bone dry, light in alcohol, slightly spritzy, with hints of sea air, citrus [...] Read More »

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