Massachusetts Beverage Business



Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Somewhere, the ghosts of colonists are smiling.  The spirit that the New England settlers not only consumed by the punch bowl, but produced in great volumes and used as currency, is undergoing a major revival.  But this resurgent interest is hardly a rush for rum and colas or a nostalgia-driven longing for piña colada paradise.  It’s a fast-growing understanding among distributors, retailers and bartenders, and, hence consumers, that rum can be as diverse as whisk(e)y [...] Read More »

PROFILE: Chris Pedersen

Article by: Fred Bouchard - CHRIS PEDERSEN - 49 Charles Street Liquors - Beacon Hill, Boston, MACandid and casual, Texas-born Chris Pedersen arrived in Boston as a computer specialist, and turned a love for wine into his life’s work when he became manager at this venerable Beacon Hill shop.  He turned a faded business around through his passionate immersion, thirst for knowledge, even hands-on winemaking.  With its surprisingly capacious footprint, keen selection of single-malts (125) and specialty Bourbons [...] Read More »

Australia's Yarra Vally

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - Australia, a continent the size of the USA, seems to occupy a virtual space, not a real one, hulking at the fringes just as it appears on our world maps. Last February, we saw images of the devastating brush and grass fires that ravaged the Yarra Valley, one of Australia’s leading quality wine regions. As someone who appreciates that region’s wine, the disaster unexpectedly pulled at my emotions. I had experienced the Valley through the [...] Read More »

The Changing Face of the Beer Industry

Article by: Andy Crouch - Starting in earnest during the early years of the 198Os, few could have guessed just how much the complexion of the American beer industry would change. It’s moved from an era when a small handful of corporate brewers reigned supreme from coast to coast to a time when the plains are dotted with the brands of nearly fifteen hundred small craft brewers. Throw in hundreds of immigrating brands from brewers from all corners of [...] Read More »

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