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American Straight Whiskey

Article by: Lew Bryson - "It’s better thanit’s ever been.There’s never been better bourbon made than right now."-Wayne RoseMr. Rose, Group Brand Director, Brown-Forman, isn’t talking about his brand, Woodford Reserve, or even the whole Brown-Forman portfolio.  He’s talking about bourbon, about American straight whiskey, an entire category that has benefited from the same kind of empirical and theoretical research and observation that has dramatically improved the quality of Scotch and [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktail Of The Month: The Scoff Law

Article by: Pink Lady - The Scoff Law COCKTALE Prohibition beget some decidedly unsavory things in the United States: racketeering, a black market economy regulated with violence, the rise of organized crime, the death of a burgeoning wine industry.  Fortunately, it also spawned some delicious cocktails, such as the Scoff Law.The Scoff Law was invented in response to a prominent Beantown Prohibitionist’s effort to embarrass those who engaged in illicit tippling.  Anti-Saloon League [...] Read More »

American Micro Distillers

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - In the beginning, there was rye. The early colonists made it – particularly around Pennsylvania and Virginia – because rye was a bountiful crop. Even George Washington distilled it when he wrapped up his presidency and settled at Mount Vernon. His still house was completed on the vast property in 1799. Now, over two centuries later, thanks to the preservation efforts of Mount Vernon and the Distilled Spirits Council, Washington’s distillery has been reconstructed [...] Read More »

Profile: Joy Spence

Article by: Kristen Amann - PROFILE: JOY SPENCEMaster BlenderAppleton EstateThirteen years ago, Jamaican-born Joy Spence was appointed Master Blender at Appleton Estate, making her the first female Master Blender in the spirits industry.  A hot, heady summer night found Spence in Boston introducing her premium rums to a small audience of the press.  Rum on a steamy night may seem best suited to Caribbean adventures and Tiki parties, but Appleton Estate selected Clio, Ken Oringer’s posh [...] Read More »

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