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Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Today, rum seems as ubiquitous as beer, as complicated and as broad sweeping as wine, as mixable as gin, and as sippable as a fine cognac.  That was sudden, some say.Not really!Let’s not forget the important role rum has played in international commerce for centuries, let alonein politics, especially locally.  After all, when the colonists were planning what’s now known as the Boston Tea Party – at the Chase and Speakman Distillery, [...] Read More »

Trends That Are Taking Off

Article by: Brandy Rand - In the beverage alcohol industry, there is never a shortage of new products, flavors and ideas to grab the attention (and wallets) of ever-fickle consumers. While some have a short shelf life, others have staying power and can change the way we think and drink. Here’s a glimpse at emerging trends that are crossing from San Francisco to London, and everywhere in between. A few have been steadily growing and gaining momentum, while others are [...] Read More »

The Tao of J

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - I was astonished just before Labor Day by the media’s rolling boil over John Cloud’s piece in time, “Why Do Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers?”, which had been stimulated by the online pre-release of a paper, later published in November,  in alcoholism: clinical and experimental research. Even the main editorial cartoon of the boston globe in September by Mike Luckovich (borrowed from the atlanta journal-constitution) wryly and amusingly carried the whole affair to absurdity. Cloud’s, time’s [...] Read More »

Argentina's Icon Wines

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Argentina remained the shining success story among exporters of wine to the US in 2O1O. Another year of substantial double digit growth has pushed the fashionable South American country’s export total here to 6.5 million 9 liter cases, representing a 2O% surge in volume over 2OO9. Even more impressive is the fact that during the Recession of 2OO8 and 2OO9 Argentina emerged as the only country to experience an increase in average value of exports [...] Read More »

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