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Article by: Andy Crouch - Let’s talk about new ways to enjoy the summer beer drinking season. Berliner WeissUsually reserved for light lagers and delicate Kolsch and Blonde Ale styles, perhaps no beer style approaches the pure quenchability of Berliner Weiss.  A true outlier in the beer world, one that celebrates both sourness and low alcohol levels, Berliner Weiss is a style whose foothold in its home town has all but disappeared.  With much of the historic flavor [...] Read More »


Article by: Bourbon Belle - One simple way to concoct fantastic cocktails is to make your own fresh syrups and garnishes.  Simple and delicious, sweetened preserved cherries are a perfect alternative to the artificial, borderline florescent cherries we know of today as the “maraschino” cherry.  Originally named as such because the earliest recipes included the use of the marasca cherry, preserved in a liqueur made from that cherry, called Maraschino liqueur.  Over the years, Americans began experimenting with different types [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel - Perhaps Casa Vinicola Bertani’s logo should be Janus or the twins, Castor and Pollux. The Veronese house annually produces, on the one hand, almost 1.5 million bottles of good-quality wines, mostly characteristic of the region, on the other, an average of 8O,OOO bottles of exquisite, hand-made, nearly immortal Amarone. Neither is an easy task by itself.I was privileged recently to host a visit from Bertani’s lead winemaker, Christian Ridolfi, and its marketing manager [...] Read More »


Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Without a doubt, 2OO9 is the finest Beaujolais vintage that I have ever experienced. As a major fan and long term advocate for the region’s wine, I conduct semi-annual blind tastings to ferret out the gems, but with 2OO9 the quality across the board was so exceptional that deciding on winners was often a question of splitting hairs rather than finding the true standouts. Instead of just a handful of star estates making terroir-expressive Cru [...] Read More »

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