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6 Beers

Article by: Andy Crouch - When the weather turns cold, consumers expect a strong, bracing drink to help them meet the challenges of another New England winter.  Not to disappoint, craft brewers readily offer a new set of beers to meet the physically and mentally challenging conditions and prospects of summer’s distant return.  The highly generalized term Winter Warmer or Winter Ale often accommodates many different styles, all of which provide a robust, hearty drink to cozy up to [...] Read More »

Raising The Bar on Winter Warmers

Article by: Brandy Rand - During the chilliest months of New England weather, cozy bars are a snowbound escape for those looking to warm up – inside and out. After-dinner staples like Irish or Mexican coffee are often placed below the dessert menu, signaling the end of the night. Why not elevate and innovate with toasty tipples front and center on your cocktail menu? Take a cue from these local bars and restaurants.Mulled wine, also known as glögg [...] Read More »

The Urban Grape

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - With the endless variety of wines available in even small stores these days, choosing one can be a challenge for anyone.  There’s no magic formula to determine what a person will like if they want a recommendation for something new, but TJ Douglas has devised an innovative, carefully-calibrated system that can serve as a consistent guide.  At the Urban Grape, the store he and his wife Hadley own in the Chestnut Hill Shopping [...] Read More »

Of Mice and Binges

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Folk wisdom (read collective observational experience) for millennia and epidemiological study stimulated by the French paradox for decades have accumulated ever-increasing support for the J-shaped curve of drinking and health: moderate drinking enhances health and longevity; abstinence seems an adverse health risk; and heavy drinking is a danger to health and life. Within these broad strokes, however, devilish details demand delineation. Among intriguing, important and intricate questions raised are those concerned with patterns of drinking, [...] Read More »

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