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Massachusetts Beverage Business


BIG BUCKS for a Wild Bird

Bourbon is big business these days and everyone wants a piece of it. Italian distiller Davide Campari-Milano SpA has agreed to buy the Wild Turkey brand of Kentucky bourbon from Pernod- Ricard SA for $575 million to expand in the US and Australia. Campari also acquired the American Honey liqueur brand along with distilleries and inventory in Kentucky in the deal. The cash acquisition is Milan-based Campari’s biggest-ever purchase. The distiller has also purchased a [...] Read More »


Bruce Willis is slated to appear in his next blockbuster but he won’t be burning up the silver screen. Instead he’ll be appearing in a series of vodka ads over the next four years, worth a cool $16 million. French drinks firm Belvedere has signed a multi-year partnership deal with the actor and producer to promote its Sobieski Vodka brand. As part of the deal, Willis will appear in a Sobieski Vodka print-digital advertising campaign [...] Read More »

PRETTY in p.i.n.k.

Prohibition Beverage Inc. has acquired The p.i.n.k. Spirits Company. Founded in 2OO6, p.i.n.k. Spirits is the world’s first producer of ultra-premium caffeine and guarana infused vodka. The award-winning vodka is currently distributed in 41 states and five countries. In addition to the vodka, the company has several new additions: p.i.n.k. tequila, rum, white whiskey, sake and gin. [...] Read More »

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