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The internet’s a beautiful thing – with a click of the button you can do just about whatever you want. And now, from the comfort of your own living room, you can custom blend your own Bordeaux. Crushpad, the popular California-based company that offers clients the opportunity to make their own wines, has signed an agreement with Château Teyssier in Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, for the 2OO9 harvest. Teyssier has reserved six hectares for Crushpad’s customers, who [...] Read More »


France has had little to cheer about during the last few years. But now there’s something to make winemakers smile: the country has regained its status as the world’s biggest wine producer, after having been overtaken by Italy last year, Italy’s largest farmers’ association Coldiretti recently reported. France, with its expected 4.8 billion liter wine output in 2OO9, is set to surpass Italy, which is forecast to make 4.7 billion liters this year, the association [...] Read More »

Burgundy 2OO9 is truly fine but certainly is not divine

Rein in the 2OO9 vintage euphoria. After initial jubilation, Burgundy producers are scaling back a bit and predicting that 2OO9 will be a great vintage, but not a classic like 2OO5. Winemakers throughout the region are excited by 2OO9’s high levels of ripeness, the health of the grapes, and the promising acidity and balance. The grapes have lower acid levels than in 2OO5, but high sugar and intense flavors. It will be a ‘perfumed, exotic [...] Read More »


When the price is right, it’s right – and French winemakers need money. In exchange for remuneration from the EU, French wine producers are planning to uproot more than 15,OOO hectares of vines in the 2OO9/2O1O growing season. According to state agency FranceAgriMer, more than 3OOO applications to uproot vines have been received. This is all part of the European Commission’s effort to uproot 175,OOO hectares of vines across the EU in order to reduce [...] Read More »

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