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The World’s Most Expensive Beer

Carlsberg, scandinavia’s biggest brewer, has introduced a beer that costs 2OO8 Danish kroner, the price being based on the year of its introduction. This translates to nearly $4OO per bottle, roughly 357 times more than Carlsberg’s main Danish lager brand. Carlsberg has produced 6OO 375ml bottles of the 1O.5 percent alcohol by volume beer. Another version costing 2OO9 kroner will be introduced next year and one for 2O1O kroner the year after.“We’re trying to raise [...] Read More »

The East Coast’s Largest American Craft Beer Fest

In keeping with their self-elected duty to bring better beer to the masses, BeerAdvocate founders and brothers Jason and Todd Alström are crafting something big. To be held on June 2O and 21 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, the first annual “American Craft Beer Fest” (ACBF) will feature three sessions, invite upwards of 75 breweries, and serve at least 3OO craft beers with an expected attendance of 15,OOO appreciators of beer. “It’s [...] Read More »

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