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is running a new ad campaign: Would You Have a Drink with You?  The effort will feature multiple celebrities – launching with playboy magnate Hugh M. Hefner.  The first ads are set in the legendary Playboy Mansion and feature Hefner seated at a bar having a drink with himself via split screen, revealing a few things the average consumer may not necessarily be able to discover [...] Read More »


is running a new episodic-style ad campaign that showcases a series of ways consumers can experience the “stepped-up” life.  The lighthearted campaign urges consumers to move beyond their old ways of thinking to “See the Light” – the new tagline for the brand – and take their lifestyle and their light beer choice to the next level.  The campaign centers on two young guys who relocate to Florida, and then get schooled by three old [...] Read More »


has partnered with KTM MOTORSPORTS for the 2O1O motocross season.  The Jägermeister/KTM Factory Racing Team will feature rider Mike Alessi as well as a new generation of bikes: the 35O SX-F.  Jägermeister is the first and only spirit brand to act as a sponsor of motocross – entering the sport in 2OO9 and now looking to continue involvement with the introduction of the Jägermeister/KTM Factory Team in 2O1O.  The team will be racing at the [...] Read More »


has brought back its adventure campaign: “Hide a Case”, which ran from 1967 to 1991. It was one of the longest running promotions in spirits’ history.  During that time, 25 cases of Canadian Club were hidden around the world, in remote locales from Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Great Barrier Reef.  The resurrection will utilize online challenges, a video competition and a live treasure hunt.  Consumers will search for the first clues to find one of [...] Read More »

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