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BACARDI OAKHEARTThis new spiced rum from Bacardi has a nose of oak barrel staves with the essence of bourbon or brandy, background notes of dried fruits including apricot, orange, raisin, cherries, and a heavy delivery of butterscotch.  To achieve the flavor, maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, vanilla, and caramel are added and the liquid is filtered.  It is very smooth and slightly spiced, with a hint of smokiness.  The finish is slightly sweet and peppery [...] Read More »


SINGLE OAK PROJECT BOURBONThe second release of the Buffalo Trace “Holy Grail” project is now available.  This expression will explore three variables that affect the taste of bourbon: recipe, grain size and char level.  Some of the bottles contain bourbon made with rye and others with wheat.  The barrels themselves were made from different trees, each with varying degrees of thickness to their wood grain, from fine to very coarse.  All other variables in [...] Read More »

Mionetto Prosecco

Mionetto Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene DOCGThis new Prosecco from Mionetto is being released in time for the holiday season.  It has a luscious palate with apple, pear and tropical notes.  Suggested retail is $19.  Available from MS Walker. [...] Read More »


THE DALMORE ASTRUM Put in casks in 1966, Astrum has aged 44 years in American white oak and was finished in sherry casks.  The nose is intense, with notes of apple and pear that lead to exotic spices and a finish with floral hints.  Only 5OO bottles have been released worldwide.  Suggested retail is $24OO.  Available from MS Walker and United Liquors. [...] Read More »

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