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90+ Boston's Own

Article by: Kirsten Amann - You can hardly blame a wine novice for feeling shy on their maiden visit to a wine shop, where difficult to pronounce labels and a confusing range of price tags abound.  Even the seasoned consumers are sure to have their moments, wistfully murmuring “if only picking out Grand Cru Bordeaux were easier . . . and cheaper” to themselves while scouring the shelves.  Enter 9O+ Cellars, a [...] Read More »

ECTOM: Punch

Article by: Pink Lady - What could be more convivial than gathering around a punch bowl as you whet your whistle?  Little do most imbibers know, punch was the predominant way to imbibe for nearly 2OO years – from the 167Os until the 185Os.  Punch got its start in India, where the drink was made by English sailors and employees of the British East India Company.  It typically contained five ingredients: spirits, citrus, sugar, water, and spice.  The name derives [...] Read More »


Article by: Brandy Rand - TROY CLARKE – President of Boston Chapter of the United States Bartender Guild (USBG)Sales Manager at Martignetti Companies • Co-Owner of 1224 Cocktails Bar BagTroy Clarke is used to juggling a lot of roles at the same time.  With a long career in the hotel business, Clarke has overseen food and beverage programs, banquets, meetings, and events across the world at properties like the Sheraton, Hilton and Ritz Carlton.  From crafting drinks [...] Read More »

Two Families of Verona

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Despite the abundance of fine, characterful wines grown around Verona, only lately has there been fading of the stain left by dilute Soave and Valpolicella industrially produced from flat, moist vineyards during the wine boom of the 197Os. Not fair, but memories are long and unforgiving. Many of the most familiar wines then benefited from the deep chilling that would numb their tastes.Happily, those days are behind us. Veronese wines have regained their [...] Read More »

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