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Cordials and Liqueurs

Article by: Aimsel Ponti - While technically, both domestic and import numbers were collectively down this year, I’d be surprised if too much sleep was being lost over it.  Behind only vodka and rum, the Cordials+Liqueurs category continues to soar, thanks in part to consumers’ on-going passion for home mixing and the versatility the category offers.  This year I’ll wax poetic, read the tea leaves and trip the light fantastic with brand managers, store owners and mixologists about the celebrated [...] Read More »

2009 Retailer of the Year

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - If any liquor store has a storied past, it’s Pioppi’s Package Store. If any shop has a particularly New England storied past, it’s Pioppi’s. The Plymouth shop is something of an institution in its own right, earning the Best Liquor Store nod from the readers of Old Colony Memorial 11 times, including 8 years in a row. Now, 76 years after it first opened its doors in a [...] Read More »


Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Port season is upon us and, although it has not been growing recently on the American market, the venerable fortified wine from the Douro Valley remains one of the world’s classic categories that, from a qualitative standpoint, goes from strength to strength and keeps renewing itself with improved techniques of grapegrowing and winemaking. It happens to be produced in one of the most beautiful regions of the world, and, although I haven’t visited Portugal in [...] Read More »

The Nebbiolos of the Vatellina

Article by: Harvey Finkel - In the far northern reaches of Lombardy, 1OO kilometers north of Milan, so near the edge of Italy that one might fall off into Switzerland, lies the isolated Valtellina, a region unique in its geography, its culture and its wines. Here is grown the noble nebbiolo of a character distinct from that of neighboring Piedmont, whose Barolo and Barbaresco are particularly well known. In moderating a seminar on the subject at last year’s Boston Wine [...] Read More »

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