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The Flavored Whiskey Phenomenon

Article by: Lew Bryson - IF YOU’RE UNDER 4O, “liqueur” might be an unfamiliar word.  Chances are if you’ve ever had a liqueur, it was a slammed shot of Jagermeister.  Americans tend to go for more straightforward drinks, like beer and wine.  When we do drink spirits, we stick to full-proof stuff like vodka, rum, and whiskey, straight or in cocktails.  Cordials are an afterthought, something you put in coffee, or something your great-aunt drinks.  The few exceptions – Baileys, [...] Read More »

Powell & Mahoney

Article by: Kirsten Amann - “There are lots of people with truly great ideas, and plenty of people out there with exceptional products. But I’ll tell you, the final ingredient for a successful business is luck,” says Brian Powell. With three start-ups under his belt, he should know. And with Powell & Mahoney, Ltd., his latest project, Powell seems to have found his perfect recipe.Finding the right recipe is something Brian Powell and business partner Mark Mahoney pride [...] Read More »


Article by: Brandy Rand - JOY RICHARDBAR AND BEVERAGE MANAGER AT FRANKLIN RESTAURANT GROUPJOY RICHARD is well-known around Boston for managing “craft cocktail” bars before the term existed.  She’s always had a passion for mixing up expertly made drinks and stellar cocktail menus suited to a variety of tastes.  Richard is also one of the founding members of the Boston chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), a group of female bartenders dedicated [...] Read More »


Article by: Fred Bouchard - SEANA KELLEY • 49 • General Manager • Durgin-Park Restaurant • Faneuil Hall Market • BostonLunch at Durgin-Park, that rough-n’-tumble icon of Boston dining culture, has been a 5O-year tradition for your reporter.  As undergraduates at Boston College, fellow choristers, marching band tootlers, miscellaneous music mavens and I observed a fairly faithful Friday ritual: we’d cut afternoon classes, Green Line it to Symphony Hall, grab a 6O¢ BSO ‘rush seat’ ticket, zip to [...] Read More »

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