Massachusetts Beverage Business



Article by: Robert Bradford - A native son of Islay, the small island with such a remarkable concentration of legendary single malt distilleries that's located off the west coast of Scotland in the Hebrides. [...] Read More »

Prtecting Us from Cancer

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - First, let us revisit what is known of increased cancer risk associated with drinking. Alcohol (and its first breakdown product, acetaldehyde) is the only component of wine that may be inculpated, then almost exclusively when chronically [...] Read More »

Pinot Noir

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - In the current film Sideways, the personality of the principle character, Miles, is identified with that of his favorite varietal wine, Pinot Noir. Many say, though it is arguable, that Pinot Noir is enhanced by the presence [...] Read More »

Chateau Margaux

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - As a recent vertical tasting at the inappropriately named California Wine Experience in Chicago clearly established, the Chateau has over the past twenty odd years produced a series of impeccably structured, absolutely delicious wines [...] Read More »

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