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North American Whiskies

Article by: Robert Bradford - When addressing the topic of domestic American whiskies in years gone by, there were many separate distinctions to make. First, there were the [...] Read More »

Tennessee Whiskey

Article by: Lew Bryson -  It takes a lot to be Straight Bourbon Whiskey. There are rules about what grains can and must go into the mash, rules about how strong [...] Read More »

Drinking Patterns and Heart Attacks

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - People picture science differently. For some, it's a Gothic laboratory and Victor Frankenstein shrieking, "It's alive!" For others, it's a quiet and understated, sterile, well-lighted, modern and nondescript workplace. For still [...] Read More »

Bitten by the Grape

Article by: Kim Foley MacKinnon - "My passion for wine started in my 2Os," says Mantra Restaurant's Sommelier David Singer, who is barely in his 3Os today. While working as a server in Toronto and attending college, he always wanted more [...] Read More »

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