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2007 Cognac/Brandy Report

Article by: KEN STERNBERG - Given its consistent, if undramatic, pattern of steady growth over the last few years, it appears that consumers' tastes are moving upscale. Instead of VS and VSOP marques pushing the depletions meter upward, XO and higher designations [...] Read More »

Living la vie Cognac

Article by: LIZA WEISSTUCH - Same goes for if you're strolling on the periphery of an idyllic vineyard where the "hiss" of a breeze off the Charante River sounds like nature's shorthand for "history". Standing in a cellar in Cognac - where [...] Read More »

Melanie Asher's Peruvian spirit

Article by: LIZA WEISSTUCH - Macchu Pisco, the brand she created, was released in Europe in January 2OO5 and its United States availability is growing steadily. It hit the shelves in Massachusetts in June 2OO6. "It's been a long ride and adventure. [...] Read More »

Profile: Laurette Cossaboon

Article by: Fred Bouchard - LAURETTE COSSABOON • 38 • Buyer & Sales • Ball Square Fine Wines • Somerville, MA [...] Read More »

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