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New Zealand Cloudy Bay

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc was the first wine from New Zealand I ever tasted. And the second and the third. Talk about starting at the top! Not that I'd heard of the now iconic winery or [...] Read More »

Pinot Uprighted

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - The Pinot Noir story is a remarkable one. It's amazing what "the movie", whatever you happen to think of it, has wrought in the wine business. What's more amazing is how long wine professionals have been [...] Read More »

Dellie Rexed

Article by: Fred Bouchard - Candor, humor and persistence mark Dellie Rex's style over her distinguished career in Boston's wine world. Ms. Rex's wide-ranging experience includes wholesale (Classic), sales rep (Racke USA, Dreyfus Ashby), entrepreneur (her own Wine [...] Read More »

Wine Cellar 101

Article by: David Singer - A story in the Wine Spectator a couple of years ago makes me chuckle every time I think about it. It concerns Joe the Wine Geek, his wife and their wine cellar. After a few incidents [...] Read More »

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