Massachusetts Beverage Business

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OLD CRAFTY HEN Created from a blend of Old Speckled Hen and oak-aged Old 5X, this new ale has rich malty and toffee flavors from the Pale and Crystal Malts.  Challenger hops give a fresh herbal dry hop character, Goldings add a subtle spicy note and First Gold a touch of orange peel citrus.  Old 5X is brewed at 12% ABV – this beer with spicy, fruity and resin hop and rich toffee [...] Read More »


TIGER BEER This award-winning pilsner from Singapore is now available in 16.9-ounce cans in addition to bottle offerings.  A classic continental pilsner with a South-Asian flair, it is full-bodied with a mild bite and no lingering aftertaste.  Fruity aromatic notes are present on the nose.  Suggested retail is $7.99 per 4-pack. [...] Read More »


SLUMBREW The first beers to be released from Somerville Brewing Company are Flagraiser IPA – a hoppy IPA dedicated to one of the first Grand Union flag raisings atop Prospect Hill in Somerville; Happy Sol – a Hefeweizen brewed with local honey, coriander, orange peel, and over 1OOO blood oranges; and Porter Square Porter – a malty chocolate porter brewed with cocoa powder and conditioned with cacao nibs from the local Taza Chocolate [...] Read More »


SAM ADAMS SINGLE BATCH There are four offerings in this limited-edition collection of the Samuel Adams brewers’ favorite beers: Tasman Red, Third Voyage, The Vixen and Griffin’s Bow.  The Tasman Red is a smooth red IPA with a dry and citrusy hop finish.  The brew is rounded and balanced with hints of toffee.  It combines slightly sweet malt notes with resinous, grapefruit and earthy notes from the Topaz and Galaxy hops grown around [...] Read More »

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