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Aging Gracefully

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Like bottles of wine, even in the same case, people age differently. Time may amplify what were once insignificant defects. There is, however, now a large and increasing number of very fit, healthy and active people well beyond the age of 6O. An elderly person who drinks, say, wine in moderation regularly is likely to both tolerate the alcohol better and benefit from it more than a young adult naive to drinking. [...] Read More »

Craft Brewing '08

Article by: ANDY CROUCH - Fast on the heels of another highly successful year, the American craft beer industry is gearing up for another profitable one and the challenges that accompany success. As the segment continues its development from a tiny niche to a legitimate force in the beverage alcohol marketplace, craft brewers are increasingly coming to grips with the changing realities of their improved prospects. With the big brewers showing [...] Read More »

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