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LBV Ports

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - After explosive growth in the 199Os, Port sales in the US have been in the doldrums, flat to negative, this entire decade. The larger trend is that the entire fortified wine category has contracted. Despite periodic calls [...] Read More »

Wine and Global Warning

Article by: David Singer - This February, in Barcelona, Spain, will be the Climate Change & Wine 2OO8 conference. Normally, I try to get people to join me for a conference, but this time I'm hoping someone else attends and reports back [...] Read More »

Beer: Why Not Women?

Article by: Lew Bryson - Suppose your store has two doors There isn't really any difference between them, just that one is on the wine side of your store, and the other is on the beer side (we'll assume you have your [...] Read More »

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