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A First for New Zealand

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - This trend reversal should be understood in the context of a major overall downturn in the decades long pattern of increasingly more imported wines from all sources being shipped to the US as well as meteoric rises for several years running from New Zealand. The overall import decline in 2OO8 has been on the order of 1O% with New Zealand suffering slightly lower negative numbers of approximately 7%. That the clean green land’s incredible multi-year [...] Read More »

Profile: Paul Souza

Article by: Fred Bouchard - PAUL SOUZA • 6O • Manager • New England Wine & Spirits (NEWS) • Newburyport MAPaul Souza is a salesman extraordinaire.  First he shows me around the store, with justifiable pride in his 1OO+ single-malts, grand wall of brown spirits and back-room soon to be transformed into a taster’s sanctuary.  The Gloucester-born, Chicago-bred store manager regards the educated consumer as his best customer, and works in several media outside the walls to [...] Read More »

Everone Wins Cocktail Competitions

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Cocktailcompetitionsare perhaps,most effectivebecause,ironic thoughthis sounds,everyone wins. With more and more brands and extensions hitting the market every month, it’s safe to say that, now more than ever, shelf space is an extremely valuable commodity. Then, of course, there’s the little matter of winning the hearts and minds of bartenders, who are ultimately the best ambassadors a brand [...] Read More »

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