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Article by: Harvey Finkel - I was surprised and delighted by the Alto Adige when I first visited twelve years ago. This beautiful alpine corner of Italy does not at all conform to one’s usual expectation of that delightful land, as registered by more southerly regions. Here are the picture-postcard peaks and valleys of the Dolomite Alps. The prevailing languages are atypical German and Italian. In two or three isolated valleys dwell woodcarvers of prodigious skill who prefer Ladin, an [...] Read More »


Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Spring is Riesling season par excellence. While I personally enjoy drinking Riesling year-round, from a commercial perspective this is the moment to focus on lighter styled, more delicate herb and floral scented versions, whether they feature discernible residual sugar or not, because of the strong link between Nature’s annual reawakening and the style of this grape. Featuring Riesling that is fresh, low in alcohol and redolent of garden fragrances, signals that you are in step [...] Read More »


Article by: Andy Crouch - Brewers have long embraced the changing consumer drinking patterns that accompany shifting weather patterns, helping fuel the demand for seasonal products. These beers often appear as little known styles, such as Kolsch or Helles, often rebranded by savvy breweries as Summer Ales. People usually associate the summer months with the typical ‘lawnmower beer’, often a freezing cold light lager, preferably in a can, with little hop bite, a low malt level and little character to [...] Read More »

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