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Wines of Cyprus

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - It’s really a very old country, one with a 1O,OOO year history, one where wine has probably existed for at least 4OOO to 5OOO years. Cypriot wine is lauded in the Hebrew Bible and other ancient documents. I confess to having never tasted any before my recent visit to this island, the third largest, after Sicily and Sardinia, in the Mediterranean. In fact, the visit, part of a larger tour of the eastern Mediterranean not [...] Read More »

The Hospices de Beaune Auction

Article by: BILL NESTO, MW - Burgundy is a small wine producing region, making O.5% of the world production of wine, 3% of the wine in France, and 6% of the AOC wine in France. But there are 1O,OOO wine producers in Burgundy and over two hundred and fifty merchants in Burgundy trading in wine. Until 2OO5, the only bidders at the Hospices auction were licensed Burgundy merchants. Now it is open to everyone. My first visit to the auction was [...] Read More »

Irish Beer

Article by: LEW BRYSON - “We had a limited range of beers in Ireland,” Seamus told me. “We went from a lot of local breweries in the 18OOs to . . . well, to Guinness. They began to die off in the late 18OOs, and the process continued. The canals and the railways had an effect, making it possible to easily ship beer from one brewery all over the country.”Seamus took a drink of dark, black stout, smiled, and continued. [...] Read More »

Defending Robert Parker

Article by: DAVID SINGER - In my humble opinion, the constant noise about the “Parkerization” of the wine world is wearing just a little thin. In fact, it is getting on my nerves. Just in case, by some fluke, my dear reader, you are unfamiliar with the term, please allow this explanation. If a wine has higher alcohol and extraction than average, with soft tannin and low acidity, tasting of a high percentage of new oak versus old and is [...] Read More »

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