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Prosecco's Strong Strong Niche

Article by: SANDY BLOCK, MW - If most wine drinkers who enjoy bubbles today were to describe the pyramid of acceptable quality sparklers it would no doubt start with Champagne at the pinnacle, followed by method traditionelle wines from California, Cava at the [...] Read More »

Everyone is Talking About the Rose Champagne Category

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - In 2OO6 rose grew 7.11% over 2OO5. In the past, the Rose market was fickle, rising one year and decreasing the next. Since 2OO4 sales have rapidly climbed. Though nearly all major markets have shown unusual growth [...] Read More »

Overview of the Champagne Market

Article by: BILL NESTO, MW - According to the CIVC's (Comite Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne) bulletin of information for the first trimester of 2OO7, sales have risen steadily from a base of 263 million bottles in 2OO1 to 322 million sold in [...] Read More »

Pink Pops!

Article by: DAVID SINGER - Champagne and sparkling wines in the last three or four years have gone through a noticeable increase in sales. In fact, in 2OO6 sparkling wine sales were higher as a share of the market than its share [...] Read More »

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