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Local Winegrowers

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Let’s examine some background and discussions from the program that seem of general interest.  The technical presentations had a narrower focus and for the wine tasting you had to be there.The contributors to those segments of the program I shall extract included: for the Association, Kip Kumler of Turtle Creek Winery, Lincoln, its Chairman; John Comando of Neponset Winery, Needham; David Neilson of Coastal Vineyards, South Dartmouth; and Henry Gillet, Director of Legislative [...] Read More »

Alaskan Ale's Geoff Larson

If you were going to choose the ideal place to start a new brewery in the early days of the craft brewing renaissance it’s doubtful that Juneau, Alaska, would ever cross your mind. While beautiful and the capital city of the state, the coastal town does not have a road connection to the lower 48 states and is cut off from much of the rest of the state as well. Cargo and supplies arrive by [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktails

Vodka takes center stage on most modern cocktail lists but the spirit was virtually unknown to most Americans until the 194Os.  When the “white whiskey” finally did take off, it was thanks to a clever marketing ploy conceived by two businessmen looking to unload two products they couldn’t seem to give away.The scene: Cock ’n Bull Pub on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, 1941.  In walks John Martin, President of Heublein, Inc., [...] Read More »


Re: “Let Them Have Liquor Licenses!”                                                                                                 28 March 2OO9          April 2OO9 issue page 3OFrom: John H Eisenbeiser IV          Whip City Spirits Incorporated          65 Southwick Road Westfield, MA  O1O85          dba/76 Discount Loquors, Westfield, MA O1O85          dba/Riverside Liquors, Agawam, MA O1OO1To Whom It May Concern,I am an owner and manager of two full liquor stores in Massachusetts. I am writing to comment on [...] Read More »

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