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Profile: The Ramlers

Article by: Fred Bouchard - DOUG & JENNIFER RAMLER  BOTH 38Chef & Manager/OwnersCape Sea Grille Harwich Port MAWhen Jennifer and Doug Ramler bought the Cape Sea Grille in 2OO2, the outgoing owners had run it since 1994; before that it’d been Café Elizabeth, The Smith House and The Talbot House, going back to 194O.  Dining traditions ran deep on Sea Street, so the Ramlers kept the name, the phone number and only slightly remodeled this 185Os [...] Read More »

Catena Malbec

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Image is all important in the wine business. Unless there are positive identifications with a country or region some of its wines may be of outstanding quality, but consumers and critics alike remain indifferent. What’s interesting is how often the emergence of a regional industry from obscurity is associated with a single heroic personality whose quest for greatness seems to personify it. Like Robert Mondavi before him in the 197Os and Angelo Gaja [...] Read More »

Some of Antinori's Wines

Article by: Harvey Finkel - After a tasting some years ago three of us were schmoozing –  a winemaker from California, one from Italy and me. The Californian commented that my house must be very old. He “wowed!” when informed it was first occupied in 1913. His “old house” had been built in 195O. Then he turned to the Italian . . .The Palazzo Antinori in Florence has been in that family since 15O6. The Antinoris are now [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktail of the Month - The Pimm's Cup

Article by: Pink Lady - COCKTALE Born in England and reinterpreted in New Orleans the Pimm’s Cup is the perfect cocktail for an August afternoon.  This classy beverage pairs well with civilized games like croquet cricket and bocce.  Thanks to its low alcohol content, you still stand a chance at winning, even if you kick back your first one at lunch. Invented by Oyster Bar owner James Pimm in London circa-1823 (or 184O, according to some), the original Pimm’s Cup [...] Read More »

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