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Profile: Raimund PrĂ¼m

Article by: Fred Bouchard - RAIMUND PRÜM  6OS.A. Prüm Owner/WinemakerMosel, GermanyThe winemaker from the Mosel’s distinguished Prüm family is known as “Raimund the Red”.  As his flaming scarlet hair is a beckoning beacon of fine Riesling, friends affectionately nicknamed him “Der Specht” or “Il Pico” – the woodpecker!  Prüm has slowly grown his father’s 3k case winery to 45k, parcel by parcel, in Wehlen, Urzig and Graach, crafting luminous, concentrated wines year after year.  A frequent [...] Read More »


Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - In my fortified wine classes at Boston University, Marsala rarely gets more than a mention or a sip. Hardly any can be found in retail shops beyond the inexpensive Marsala Fine category usually purchased for cooking rather than drinking. Marsala wine was born in the port of Marsala on Sicily’s western coast, when, in 1773, a fierce storm forced a ship carrying Liverpool merchant John Woodhouse to seek shelter there. During his stay, [...] Read More »

Chianti Now

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Many are the forces pulling centrifugally to fragment the unity of Chianti, the wine. The soils, exposures, microclimates, grape varieties and clones, political boundaries, production methods and regulations, and fashion are all subject to tremendous, sometimes bewildering, variegation. What hold the center are an ancient tradition that connects back to the Etruscans and the informing grape – sangiovese, the soul of the wine. Here among the hills of Tuscany is where sangiovese can gain immortality. [...] Read More »

Craft Beer Concerns

Article by: Andy Crouch - As the beer industry settles into its prime time sales part of the calendar year, beer buyers from pubs to package stores remain focused on keeping the right balance of products on hand to meet a difficult-to-predict demand from consumers. Sales of bigger brands, including volume leaders Budweiser and Bud Light, continue to slide in 2O1O, while many craft brands have navigated the dicey economy in solid fashion. And while meeting demand remains on the [...] Read More »

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