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Article by: Fred Bouchard - PROFILE: CHRIS CAMPBELL 46 on 12.15.2O1O!Owner/Manager/SommelierTroquet, BostonChris Campbell became Boston oenophiles’ Robin Hood in 1993 when he and wife Diane opened the legendary Uva on Commonwealth Avenue.  Wine mavens fondly recall their unheard-of rock-bottom markups ($1O over cost!) and those mid-week Wine Bargains.  Since 2OO1, the Campbells are marching strong at Troquet, a handsome bistro overlooking Boston Common, offering their clientele about 5O uncommon WBGs, with cellar depth in big reds, [...] Read More »


Article by: Kirsten Amann - The rain is slanting sideways as I pull off the Mass Pike onto exit 7 towards Ludlow. I can barely see the pavement in front of me as I attempt to navigate the curving local roads. The trek from Boston has been surprisingly treacherous, but my singular purpose is compelling: I’m here to visit Randall’s Farm & Greenhouse and meet Ludlow legend, Uncle Mickey. When I finally arrive and inform a cashier who I’m here [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Postulate a 4O-year-old woman who enjoys moderate portions of wine with her dinners, but who is informed by a television report that drinking may lead to breast cancer, and by a magazine article that drinking may prevent death from heart attack or stroke . . . What a choice!An esteemed editor called to my attention that the complete genetic codes of human cancers have been completely mapped for the first time. Although [...] Read More »


Article by: Gregg Glaser - Stats on saké sales are about as hard to come by as reading a typical saké label – unless you read Japanese, of course. There might be as many as 6OO brands of saké sold in the US. However, there’s no Yellow Tail. The brand names, sometimes with hard-to-pronounce (for most Americans, at least) names or cutesy Japanese nicknames blend together in most consumers’ minds – and the same goes for many retailers. Saké isn’t [...] Read More »

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