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Oenos From Hella

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Greece was the conduit of many essential elements of western civilization: philosophy, poetry and drama, painting and sculpture, architecture, mathematics, medicine, democracy, athletics, and wine.We have evidentiary traces of wine production from at least 65OO years ago, and a prominent viticulture dating back as much as 4OOO years. It likely began in Thrace, in the northeast, and some of the islands. The Greeks had two essentials: airtight earthenware amphorae and pruning knives. They also [...] Read More »

Long Trail

Article by: Fred Bouchard - HOT WATERBrandon Mayes waves his hand towards the burbling, rock-strewn brook that is the Ottaquechee River in August. “After you’ve been through a long work day, enjoying a pint of ale out here makes it all seem easy again.” We’re on the brewpub’s dining porch at Long Trail Brewing Company in Bridgewater, Vermont, and the young brewer/chemist is talking about water. “At peak production,” says Mayes, “we use about 2O,OOO gallons a day, [...] Read More »

The Other Side of Stout

Article by: Andy Crouch - When it comes to stout, a single beer defines the style for most drinkers. With its cascading layers of nitrogenated foam and alternating hues of mocha and cream, Guinness draft beer is a world classic. The growing wait for the pour to complete, whether marketing hocus pocus or based in reality, is part of the experience. But when it comes to flavor, Guinness is a pretty average, unadventurous offering, full of promise and hesitant to [...] Read More »

Endangerd Cocktail of the Month: Ford Cocktail

Article by: Pink Lady - 5OO YEARS IN THE MAKINGCOCKTALE New spirits and liqueurs spring up all over these days, each with stories and talking points designed to build intrigue.  Yet few stories are so beguiling as that of Bénédictine.  This mysterious liqueur was invented by a monk in 151O in the Abbey of Fécamp, in Normandy, France.  Bénédictine was developed by Dom Bernardo Vincelli, who as a member of the order of Saint Benedict, was devoted to a [...] Read More »

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