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Portugal Goes Beyond Port

Article by: Jonathon Alsop - Portugal’s physical position on the planet has turned it into literally a nation of exportation that constantly has to look outside itself for success. What you see on the map is a narrow strip of a nation seemingly pushed west hard up against the ocean, a nation of many good places to drop anchor.Portugal’s impressive wine numbers, according to Wine Institute reports, are a little shocking, considering how tiny the country is and how [...] Read More »

Profile: Robin Back

Article by: Fred Bouchard - ROBIN BACK • 47 • US Public Relations & Marketing Manager • The Wines of Charles Back • Paarl South AfricaFAMILY HISTORY Fairview Winery was established in 1693; it’s one of South Africa’s original wine estates, where vines were planted in 1655 and the first wines made in 1659.  Originally named Bloemkoolfontein (‘cauliflower fountain’), Fairview has been in my family 7O years.  It’s owned by my cousin Charles, who’s Fairview’s third generation [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel - Means “craftsman” in Catalan the language of Penedès, the home in northeastern Spain of Artesa’s owner, Codorníu. I imagine that “artisan” comes from the same root. (In Spanish, artesa means “kneading trough”.) The former definition applies here: at the Artesa Winery in Napa’s Carneros, fine wines are crafted from the fruits of its vineyards in Carneros, the Napa Valley and Sonoma.Cordorníu, the very large and well-known cava producer, which had been making wine [...] Read More »


Article by: Gregg Glaser - So said Lloyd Foster Marketing Manager at Classic Wine Imports. “We’ve been selling saké since 1992 and now it’s a $1 million a year business for us.” Many people look at saké and see it only as a niche product for sushi bars, Japanese restaurants and Asian grocery stores, but this is changing across the US.“More restaurants are adding saké in their tasting menus,” said Jon Sherwood of Ruby Wines, “not just Japanese [...] Read More »

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