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Smoked Beer

Article by: Lew Bryson - . . . smoked beers are more than likely,every bit as old as smoky whiskey, and were once much more widespread.The first time I had Victory Brewing’s St. Victorious doublebock, I noticed a difference from other doublebocks I’d had. It had an extra dimension to it, a richness that wasn’t coming from malt, a certain appealing raunchiness, the origin of which eluded me. What is that, I asked brewmaster Ron Barchet, and he [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktails

Article by: Pink Lady - Last month we discussed vodka a spirit overlooked in the states until the 1950s, when it took the nation by storm.  Tequila suffered a similar fate – didn’t gain notoriety here until the “Great Experiment”, when any liquor was good liquor.  Surely you’ve tried a Tequila Sunrise or a Margarita, both of which first date back to the 193Os or thereabouts and seem to be variations on the Tequila Daisy (“margarita” being the Spanish term [...] Read More »

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