Massachusetts Beverage Business



DeKuyper has a new approach to segmenting their liqueurs category – it’s organizing its portfolio of products into five families in an effort to simplify the category and the consumer shopping experience.  Research indicated that consumers categorize cordials based on usage.  As a result, DeKuyper has organized its nearly 6O products into flavor and usage-based families to make it easier for consumers to shop the category and retailers to stock their shelves.  The [...] Read More »


The p.i.n.k.Spirits Company has launched the world’s first, ultra-premium imported Tequila, Rum, White Whiskey, Sake and Gin all of which are infused with flavorless caffeine and guarana, with no added sugar, color, carbohydrates, or preservatives. Every 1½ ounces contains the equivalent intensity of approximately a half of cup of coffee. The suggested retail cost is between $30 and $45.The [...] Read More »

Smirnoff Vodka

Just in time for spring entertaining, Smirnoff adds Passion Fruit and White Grape to its flavored vodka portfolio. Suggested 75Oml retail price is $14.99. [...] Read More »

Bud Light Lime

Anheuser-Busch will launch Bud Light Lime nationwide in May with a $35 million marketing campaign featuring TV ads and outdoor signs.  The new drink came after years of consumer research that showed customers wanted the occasional flavored drink for special occasions.  It will sell at a premium price of $1 to $1.5O more a six-pack. [...] Read More »

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