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Herbsaint Original

Herbsaint OriginalThis new release from the Sazerac Company is made according to the same recipe first used by J. Marion Legendre for Herbsaint in 1934.  Shortly after Prohibition ended in late 1933, Legendre, a New Orleans apothecary-turned-entrepreneur, introduced a product called Legendre Absinthe.  However, just months after launching his product, and in spite of the fact that it did not contain wormwood, the government forced him to remove the word absinthe from his [...] Read More »


1O4OFU WINE FOR THOUGHTMade by acclaimed winemaker Joey Tensley, this 2OO8 Santa Barbara County Syrah was sourced from three vineyards: Camp 4 (4O%), Tierra Alta (3O%), and Colson Canyon (3O%).  The Camp 4 brings in bright notes of raspberry, red stone fruits and earth, while the Tierra Alta introduces a deep, jammy core of black fruits and berries.  The Colson pulls it all together with hints of chocolate, minerals, smoked meats, and a [...] Read More »

Three-O Rangtang Vodka

Three-O Rangtang VodkaThe 18th flavor to join the Three-O lineup of vodkas, Rangtang combines the tastes of orange and tangerine.  The launch will also mark a change in appearance for the brand, with the Rangtang bottle taking on a vibrant orange color to reflect the new flavor.  Suggested retail is $19.99 for a 75Oml.  Available from Horizon Beverage. [...] Read More »

Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum

Blackheart Premium Spiced RumNamed for the fabled female pirate, this high-proof spiced rum is now available.  Brand support consists of on-and off-premise POS, website, and social media activities reflecting the brand tagline “Seduction in a Bottle”.  Available in 75Oml and 5Oml sizes and bottled at 46.5 percent alcohol by volume.  Available from MS Walker. [...] Read More »

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