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A blend of Belgium wheat beer and strawberry juice, Fruity Früli lager is now available in four-packs.  Früli has just a hint of bitterness and a little citrus zest that balance out the palate.  Its alcohol content is 4.1% by volume and retail is $12.99 per four-pack.  Available from Craft Brewers Guild. [...] Read More »


BOLS GENEVERThis spirit from Lucas Bols is now available in 5Oml minis which are the exact replica of the 75Oml bottle.  Suggested retail is $4.99.  Available from MS Walker. [...] Read More »


L’ESPRIT DE JUNEMade in the heart of the Cognac region of France and developed by Master Distiller Jean Sebastien Robicquet, this is the world’s first vine flower liqueur.  During the month of June, the grape vines blossom with fragrant flowers, which last for only three to five days.  L’Esprit de June is a blend of a selection of the vine flowers from Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other grapes.  The flowers are handpicked [...] Read More »


CAMPARIAs part of the brand’s 15O-year anniversary celebration, Campari has enlisted three contemporary international artists: avaf, Tobias Rehberger and Vanessa Beecroft, for the Campari Art Label Project, an initiative which highlights the long-standing relationship between the brand and the art world.  Avaf, an art collective self-described as “nomads”, presents an interpretation of a strong and independent female, a cross-breed between jazz singer Nina Simone and Egyptian queen Nefertiti.  Vanessa Beecroft, a well-known artist celebrated [...] Read More »

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