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Article by: Andy Crouch - CRAFT BEERIT IS DIFFICULT if not impossible for people new to craft beer to remember a time, seemingly ages ago, when flavorful beers were a scarce commodity.  Back then, the occasional pint of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, now derided by some hardened beer geeks as “mainstream brands”, offered hope in a dark time.  Now nearly omni-present, these beers and other locally produced pale ales, Hefeweizens and [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - WHEN WE LUPEC LADIES first started contributing to this fine publication the classic cocktail revival was just taking root here in Boston.  Now we feel it safe to say that classic drinks have moved beyond the realm of fascination with even major chains highlighting once-forgotten beverages on their drink lists. Huzzah! Let us turn our attention to a drink that has been called by many cocktail Luminaries the “last classic” – the Cosmopolitan.  The drink [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - IT IS NO LEAP of my imagination to assume that anyone reading this is interested in the latest medical science on wine’s influences upon health.  Let us, therefore, review some of the high points presented by some of the world’s leaders in alcohol research at Wine Health 2O13, the Seventh International Wine and Health Conference, held in July, 2O13, in Sydney, Australia.  I am indebted to the estimable Creina Stockley for access to much of [...] Read More »

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