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Cognac Revisited

Article by: Ken Sternberg - Cognac is a charming city in southwest France, about 9O minutes northeast of Bordeaux. Cognac and the surrounding area remain quintessentially French, largely ignored by tourists and thus offer reasonably priced hotels, restaurants and a [...] Read More »

Cognac & Brandy

Article by: Aimsel Ponti with Ken Sternberg - As a combined category, brandy and Cognac has doubled in sales from ten years ago. While it might be climbing the ladder slowly, it's climbing nonetheless. In 2OO5, total volume increased .7% to 1O.2 million 9-liter [...] Read More »


Article by: Fred Bouchard - LOLLY MASON • 51 • Bartender • Meritage at Boston Harbor Hotel • Boston, MA [...] Read More »

That's Mr. Beer to You!

Article by: Andy Crouch - No one ever said growing up was easy to do. Maturity begets responsibility and so follows the necessity of prioritizing efforts, goals, and interests. Be it graduating from school, entering the workforce, raising a family, or [...] Read More »

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