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The Single Malts

Article by: ROBERT BRADFORD - If you're a consumer of single malt whiskies, the American market happens to be a remarkable place to be at the moment, and apparently will continue to be so for some time to come. You're seeing not only an extraordinary increase of innovation and exciting ideas coming through with the highest premium malt brands, but also smaller distilleries coming across the pond that weren't previously available outside of Scotland, [...] Read More »

The Blends

Article by: KEN STERNBERG - Although low end, bottled in the US Scotch sales appear to be ebbing, in the premium and higher segments, a two percent yearly growth in dollar sales and a 1.2 percent growth of foreign bottled scotch volume [...] Read More »

Profile: Joe Gomes

Article by: Fred Bouchard - JOE GOMES • 49 • Spirits Buyer/Store Manager • Blanchard's • Allston, MA [...] Read More »

Old School Warmth

Article by: DAVID SINGER - As winter is upon us again it's time to revisit drinks that ward off the chill. And for this article its time to go back to the near-forgotten originals. The oldies are goodies for a reason and [...] Read More »

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