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Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Despite the efforts of industry experts, market analysts and advertising executives, the formula for successfully establishing a trend remains a conundrum.  The market moves like a plastic bag in the wind and the taste of the masses is far from quantifiable.  In the liquor industry, when a seemingly good idea emerges, one can pour a boatload of resources into sleek packaging, advertising and promotions.  Those efforts may turn heads at the bar and even [...] Read More »

The Rest of the Gin Story.

Article by: Robert Bradford - DEAR SUBSCRIBERS Due to a production error, a very important ingredient was omitted from last month’s Gin article, unfortunately altering the ultimate flavor of its final presentation.  With my apologies to you, our readership, Old Raj importer Henry Preiss, owner of Preiss Imports, and Robert Bradford, here is, in full, said missing ingredient.  -PJ STONEThe costliest specialty gin of them all is Old Raj Blue Label Dry Gin, a product from [...] Read More »

Breaking the Rules with Tania Oseguera.

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - The private dining room at Casa Romero was small. The undertaking was not.Tania Oseguera, brand ambassador for Corzo and Cazadores tequilas, set the tone for the night when she notified the small group that tonight was “an opportunity to break the rules”. Breaking is one thing, but she didn’t warn that she would also be helping all of the nearly dozen people who’d gathered to build a strong foundation of tequila knowledge. It was a [...] Read More »

Look Who's Talkin' Green

Article by: Aimsel Ponti - The notion of organic products is not a particularly new trend, nor is the idea of “going green” to reduce the all-important carbon imprint on a global level.But we’ve all noticed that efforts towards both endeavors have been significantly ramped up, especially in the last two years. This is also the case when it comes to the beverage alcohol industry where “organic”, “sustainable” and green have become popular buzz words. Some brands are purely organic [...] Read More »

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